First Time Fans


First Time Fans is  a collaboration of Notre Dame Film, Television, and TheatreThe College of Arts and Letters, and Notre Dame Athletics

First Time Fans celebrates the talents of many successful Notre Dame alumni currently working in the film and television industry. Started in 2014, First Time Fans is a filmmaking co-op where alumni are given the creative canvas to tell a Notre Dame story through the eyes of someone new to campus, using the backdrop of a Fighting Irish athletic event. This unique production model brings together Notre Dame alumni filmmakers and pairs them with current undergraduates to tell inspiring stories about extraordinary people on an extraordinary campus.

ND Studios supports the project and its partners through services and state-of-the-art facility at the The Rex and Alice A. Martin Media Center.   

All First Time Fans films can viewed on the project’s YouTube channel. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Director: Daniel Feighery 2000 Alumnus
Tico And Moses Go Irish (2019)
Two teachers of an after school fencing program for kids in Harlem, travel to Notre Dame to fulfill a dream.

Director: Genie Deez  2011 Alumnus
Homegrown (2018)
Growing up on the west side of South Bend, Notre Dame seems a world away.

Director: Kelsie Kiley 2012 Alumnus
Monique & The Loyal Daughters (2018)
High School Musical" star Monique Coleman champions the GirlUp campaign on campus, and embraces the championship tradition of ND women's basketball.

Director: Christine Swanson 1994 Alumnus
Legacy (2017)
Three remarkable African-American couples reunite on campus to teach their children about faith, perseverance, and Notre Dame football. 

Director: Javi Zubizarreta 2011 Alumnus
El Primero (2017)
A first generation student gets the Game day surprise of a lifetime. 

Director: Revere La Noue 1999 Alumnus
God Bless America (Where Opera Meets Football) (2016)
A world renowned opera diva, her tempestuous path, and her breathtaking moment on the Notre Dame football field. 

Director:Justin Mitchell 1995 Alumnus
At Home with the Irish (2014)
Two teenage friends and residents of the South Bend Center for the Homeless attend their first game at Notre Dame Stadium.

Spirit of Todd (2016)
Musically mesmerizing, a Notre Dame football weekend sparks the spirituality inside a rock 'n roll legend.

Director: Chad Schaffler 1996 Alumnus
Dear Ms. Silva (2015)
Allison Silva, a California school teacher, works passionately to instill the value of higher education in her third grade students. Inspired by the Fighting Irish and encouraged by Ms. Silva, her students - the class of 2029 - form a twitter account that will send Allison to her first Notre Dame football game and create an opportunity that will change their lives forever.

Director: Rob Finch 1998  Alumnus
The Correct Route (2015)

A long-time Notre Dame football fan, Manny Romero has cheered for the Irish ever since he was a young boy in Southern California and dreamed of playing football for Notre Dame. Later in life, his job sent him overseas for almost four decades, and through it all his passion for Notre Dame football never wavered. While Manny has cheered for the Irish from places such as South Africa, Laos, Peru or Italy, he has never seen a game in person.

Class of 2029 (2016)
With hopes of becoming first generation college students, a group of 4th-graders from Stockton, CA boards a plane for the very first time, and heads to South Bend to experience firsthand, the university to which they've pledged their allegiance. 

Director: Michael Canzoniero 1993 Alumnus
Anna Lynne Goes To College (2014)
AnnaLynne McCord, model and star of TV’s 90210 visits Notre Dame for a first-time football weekend.

Director: Peter Richardson 2002 Alumnus
Priest, Rector, and Fan (2015)
Father Matt Kuczora has seen plenty of Notre Dame football games...from the student section that is. But now, he is a priest. And for the first time, he's a dorm rector on the Notre Dame campus. Call it "First Time Rector" if you will, but a football weekend for Father Matt is quite different nowadays. 

Director: Greg Kohs 1988 Alumnus
Blind Faith (2014)
Blind Faith follows Mitchell, an 8th grader at the Indiana School for the Blind, as he attends his first Notre Dame Football game.