Dual Mode Conference Room Technology

Zoom Kit - 


Zoom Cart -


Core 1 Small Group 2-6 People

  • Includes a single display, an HDMI input plate on the wall directly below the display to connect a laptop or other digital device. Control is via a wall-mounted button panel. Sound is from the display's loudspeakers.


Core 2 Conference Calls

  • Includes a single display. A tabletop conferencing console with an HDMI input, loudspeaker, microphone, and touchscreen control. Other capabilities include wireless AV connection and USB video camera.


Core 3 Single Display Conference Room

  • Includes a single display and an HDMI input plate located anywhere in the room. A conferencing system with a camera and microphones is built-in. Control is via a touchscreen. Sound is via external loudspeakers. Equipment is located in an AV rack or credenza.