Innovation Pipeline

The Teaching & Learning Technologies group (TLT) promotes a culture of innovation that draws upon the technical expertise of the Office of Information Technology and the pedagogical expertise of the academy.  One of the ways we do this is by encouraging exploration of new tools for teaching and learning. We refer to this process as “the Innovation Pipeline.”

This process begins with a conversation to help us understand the learning outcomes you are striving for, and then moves into an exploratory phase where we work together to identify possible solutions.  We then evaluate those candidates based on the following types of criteria:

  • Does this teaching technology help foster sound pedagogical practices?
  • Does this teaching technology align with the University’s standards for security and privacy, and is it compatible with our existing technical infrastructure?
  • Does this teaching technology help you accomplish your teaching goals for your course(s)?
  • Do you and your students find this teaching technology easy to use?


Our current research and exploratory efforts are focused on finding solutions for these types of needs:

1. Digital “whiteboards” that allow students and faculty to collaborate online in much the same ways that we often brainstorm and collaborate around a physical whiteboard.

2. Online discussion tools that promote meaningful conversations.  Many faculty find the built-in discussion tools in Sakai and Canvas to lack important features.

3. Accessibility checkers to help verify that the digital materials we provide to students are accessible by all our students.

4. Audio name pronunciation tools to aid faculty and students to promote belonging in our community.

If you are interested in partnering with us to evaluate potential solutions for these types of needs please contact Brian Burchett, Manager of Academic Technologies, at 574.631.6503, or at