Testing, Quizzing and Assessment

Sakai Tests & Quizzes Tool

(OIT enterprise supported)

Native to Sakai, the Tests & Quizzes tool facilitates formative and summative quiz and exam creation, with several question types and feedback settings. Learn more about Sakai's Tests & Quizzes tool. 


(OIT enterprise supported)

Gradescope is an online software that electronically streamlines the grading of handwritten student assessments and assignments. Gradescope is integrated with the LMS.  Get started with Gradescope.

Möbius Assessments 

(OIT best effort only; see vendor's support site first)

Möbius (formerly Maple TA) was primarily built as an assessment engine for higher math. It is capable of automatically grading complex problem sets with the use of variables and conditional statements. Möbius Assessment is configured to return grades back to the LMS. Learn more about Mobius.


(OIT enterprise supported)

Panopto is the video storage platform at Notre Dame, and offers optional embedded, gradable quiz questions within videos. Everyone in the Notre Dame community has a Panopto account, accessed using your ND credentials at panopto.nd.eduLearn more about Panopto.

Turnitin Originality Checker  

(OIT enterprise supported)

Turnitin is enabled through the Sakai Assignments tool, and identifies areas where students can improve citations and quoted text. Good for drafts or final papers; report can be viewed by students and instructors. Learn more about Turnitin.


* These third-party applications are supported by our team and the Office of Information Technologies at Notre Dame. You can send an email to oithelp@nd.edu for more information or to schedule a consultation.