Video for Education

Professor using a lightboard for demonstration.


(OIT enterprise supported)

Panopto helps you record, edit, share, and reuse videos in your classes and projects. Everyone in the Notre Dame community has a Panopto account, accessed using your ND credentials at Learn more about Panopto.


(OIT enterprise supported)

Zoom is used to meet with your students online and will record recurring class sessions. Zoom sessions saved to the cloud will be saved in the instructor’s Panopto account, and can be shared with students through the course site. Everyone in the Notre Dame community has a Zoom account, accessed using your ND credentials, at Get started with Zoom.

One Button Studio

(Supported through the Hesburgh Library)

The One Button Studio is an easy-to-use digital video production studio that requires no prior video production experience. The studio, located in Room B001-B of the Hesburgh Library Lower Level, is available for use by all Notre Dame students, faculty, and staff (valid NDid card required). Learn more about One Button Studio.

Lightboard Studio

The Lightboard is powerful tool for creating instructional videos and lectures. Instructors stand behind a lighted glass window and write formulas, diagrams and other notes while facing a camera. There are currently two Lightboard Studios on campus: Jordan Hall of Science and ND Studios in Corbett Family Hall. Learn more about Lightboard Studio.

Global Classroom

(OIT enterprise supported)

A Zoom and Panopto enabled technology teaching space located in the Teaching Studio of the Martin Media Center. Learn more about Global Classroom.