Martin Media Center host Media Training

Author: Dan Skendzel

Elkhart Leadership Class

The Notre Dame Studio and Teaching & Learning Technologies (NDSTLT) team hosted the Elkhart Leadership Academy, a community issues awareness and leadership development program, at the Rex and Alice A. Martin Media Center to hone participants’ public relations skills.   (WNDU was on site and filed this report.) 

Teaching Professor of Management & Organization Jim O’Rourke, led the half-day session with a keynote address on best practices for responding to media interview questions.  Armed with tips from O’Rourke, participants took turns being interviewed by local media personalities responding to a hypothetical disaster situation about a local paint company burning down.  While no employees were hurt in the scenario, an unidentified dead body was discovered.  

Academy participants utilized the Martin Media Center studio facilities, Studio 1 and Teaching Studio, along with the Academic Innovation Space to fulfill the training.  NDSTLT staff readied these spaces for both on-the-spot in-person interviews and also Zoom-enable virtual interviews. NDSTLT staff also provided camera equipment, filming and recording services to ensure the session went smoothly and resulted in quality recordings for participants to review and learn from as part of the training.  

“The Martin Media Center is highly flexible and a great facility from which to conduct media training,” said Dan Skendzel, Executive Director, Notre Dame Studios & Teaching and Learning Technologies.  “With up to three studio spaces, and a seminar space for up to 40, we are well positioned to host events like this one.”

The Elkhart Chamber of Commerce is committed to developing a robust economy and the leadership skills of local leaders.  The Elkhart Leadership Academy is just one of the ways they accomplish their goals.   The Academy promotes servant leadership through awareness of key community issues and enhanced leadership skill development to advance community stewardship.