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Notre Dame Studios & Teaching and Learning Technologies (NDSTLT) serves Notre Dame students, faculty, staff and the community with innovative learning, audiovisual and multimedia technologies to educate hearts and minds.  The combination of our services establishes the technological foundation for the campus learning ecosystem.  

Media Production

Notre Dame Studios is a multimedia technology and production resource for the University of Notre Dame. Our services include production and support for virtual events, studio and campus recordings, and multi-camera broadcast and live streams.

Audio Video Technologies

The Audio and Video Technologies (AVT) team serves to amplify the University’s impact through the use of audiovisual and classroom technologies

Teaching and Learning Technologies

In collaboration with ND Learning, we promote and support an array of learning systems that integrate technology in teaching, learning and scholarship

Media Asset Management

We offer low latency online multimedia asset management and storage as well as near-line and disaster recovery storage services for campus.