Highlights from the dedication of Corbett Family Hall

Author: Jacqueline Marino

Dick Corbett experiences virtual reality

by Jacqueline Marino


The display of gratitude was pervasive throughout the dedication and blessing of Corbett Family Hall on Friday, September 8, 2017. Corbett Family Hall is one of three buildings constructed as a part of the Campus Crossroads project here at Notre Dame. This newly constructed building, attached to the east side of Notre Dame Stadium, will house the Rex and Alice A. Martin Media Center, as well as psychology, anthropology, and multimedia classrooms. Corbett Family Hall allows departments that were previously housed in separate buildings to unite under one roof. The unification of the psychology and anthropology departments will foster academic innovation and research with state-of-the-art laboratories, classrooms, and offices.    

In grand fashion on Friday night, the University celebrated the completion of the building and all those who made it possible, particularly the Corbett and Martin families. The Corbetts, Martins, and other guests enjoyed touring the new facilities which displayed what is going on in and around Corbett Family Hall. Following the self-guided tour, the guests enjoyed dinner in the Downes Club, located on the seventh level of Corbett Family Hall, where the University recognized both the Corbett and Martin families for their gracious contributions.

During the reception on Friday night, the Academic Innovation Space within the Rex and Alice A. Martin Media Center was on full display. Faculty showed the guests how this facility will be used to stimulate academic innovation through technology. Notre Dame’s Virtual Reality Glasses were on hand for all to experience, and although guests were physically in South Bend, they felt as if they were on top of Vesper Peak in Washington State.

Alice Martin said that her goal in life is to help others, and through her and her husband’s contributions, they are doing just that. Although the building is new, it is hard to imagine a time without it. Corbett Family Hall is already impacting the lives of students, student-athletes, faculty, and staff alike. A part of campus that was usually only vibrant for six days a year is now the center of campus all year round. Academics and athletics revolve around this new building, merging the two worlds as one. Alice Martin said, “Notre Dame is the very best of the very best, and they deserve to have the very best facilities that allow them to grow and help the world around them.”

Dick Corbett and Alice Martin both thanked the University, expressing that they would not be where they are today without Notre Dame. Likewise, Notre Dame would not be where it is today without the Corbett and Martin families. We at Notre Dame would like to express our deepest gratitude toward the Corbett and Martin families for their incredible generosity that will benefit the University, its students, and inevitably the world for years to come.