Innovation Hub

The Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) Innovation Hub facilitates faculty and administrative requests to evaluate, research, and explore established and emerging technologies in consideration of appropriate University support and relevant oversight.

The TLT Innovation Hub supports your request for a new academic software or Canvas LTI integration by ensuring compatibility into Notre Dame’s technology ecosystem.  

We invite you to consult with us to learn more about the TLT Innovation Hub. We facilitate faculty incentive grants to pilot new technologies or integrations, and can assist, partner, and/or lead in the procurement of extramural funding to promote pedagogical innovation with technology and improve student success.


Process for Requesting a New Tool, Academic Software, or a Canvas Integration (LTI)

Step 1: Make a Request

Please check to determine if the academic software is already available by using the links below. You can search by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right. 

List of all current academic technologies Canvas integrations (LTI) Innovation Hub Pilots

So that we can conduct an appropriate assessment of the technology, and ensure the security and privacy for both users and data, we ask that you make your request one semester ahead of its potential use. 

If you need a new tool, complete the Contact Form and select “Suggest a New Technology for Review.” 

Step 2: Consultation and Assessment

We will reach out to you to evaluate the tool for intended use, and also assess data security, cost, support availability, and accessibility. This stage of the process could take between a few weeks and a few months depending on vendor response and the complexity of the tool.

This is an important step as we make recommendations for larger adoption and/or eligibility for funding when they clearly enhance the overall teaching and learning ecosystem at Notre Dame. 

Step 3: Approval Decision and Access

When assessment is complete, we will contact you regarding the outcome, and if approved, work with you to access and use the tool. We will then add it to our list of available educational technology tools.


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