Teaching, Analytics, and Research

The Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT) team offers a broad range of academic technologies and services to enhance teaching and learning at the University of Notre Dame.   From the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) to video content management and everything in between. We partner with faculty and other colleagues on campus in the selection, service, and application of these tools in support of the academic mission.

Learning Analytics 

Learning analytics involves measuring, reporting, and analyzing data about learning and the learning environment. We partner with individuals and the Office of Learning Analytics to leverage data from various teaching and learning technologies to further faculty and institutional initiatives focused on optimizing the academic experience.


Interested in learning more about what technology tools exist which may meet your needs?  Would you like to collaborate with the Teaching and Learning technologies team to better understand the impact of technology on your teaching and/or to advance scholarly research?  We invite you to connect with us for a consultation to explore what’s possible.